Psychotherapist Blackman gave advice to unrequited love women

The expert immediately made it clear that the man is emotionally unavailable, since he puts all his feelings into relationships at a distance. In this regard, Blackman advised the girl and everyone who was in a similar situation to think about whether to continue such a relationship. According to the specialist, it is highly likely … Read more

Eight bad advice from Grigory Oster

Who taught us to give bad advice? Of course, Grigory Oster, who is celebrating his 75th birthday today. But, of course, not only the cycle of “Bad Advice”, where he emphasized the behavior of ill-mannered children, made him famous. He was born in Odessa, studied in Yalta, served as a sailor in the Northern Fleet. … Read more

The Russians were given advice in case of fraudulent loan processing

It is noted that if citizens find out that a loan was fraudulently imposed, they should immediately apply to the bank or microfinance organization where it was supposedly issued. It should be indicated that you did not issue it and did not receive any money, reports .

brand chef Filimonov gave advice for the New Year’s table

The harsh Russian feast accustomed us to a plentiful table on New Year’s Eve and many days of eating the remaining salads. Why people boil potatoes for a side dish if no one eats them on New Year’s Eve is a mystery of mysteries. Correspondent FAN asked the Meatbrothers Brand Chef Stanislav Filimonov tell you … Read more

Bracamonte says Messi should have taken advice from Putin ahead of match against Saudi Arabia

Latin Americans on the afternoon of November 22 lost in Lusail to Saudi Arabia with a score of 1:2. Bracamonte believes that Argentina captain Lionel Messi should have written to Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked him for advice on how to play against a Middle Eastern team. .