Zelensky took advantage of the UN General Assembly for long-range weapons

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took the opportunity during the high-level week of the UN General Assembly session to request the delivery of long-range systems. The corresponding video was shown as part of the event. .

against the background of the crisis, people in the EU will take advantage of the Ukrainian agenda to receive benefits

In this regard, a long column of cars lined up on the border. The influx of trucks is associated with the export of grain and food products from Ukraine. Apparently, the truckers decided to take advantage of the recent hysteria around the alleged upcoming shortage of wheat and other crops to convey their demands to … Read more

Don’t shoot a chess player // It was found out how the Bank of Russia beats the markets: it calculates better

In a series of reports by the Bank of Russia, a publication was published on one of the most interesting topics for the market – about the “surprises” of monetary policy (MP). The conclusions of the authors: the main role in the fact that the signals of the Central Bank are rarely accurately guessed by … Read more

77% of Russian entrepreneurs took advantage of the state support program

The most popular state support measures among small and medium-sized businesses in 2022 were soft loans, guarantees, preferential leasing, and factoring. According to research by analysts from the Platforma business company and the Sravni.ru financial marketplace, 77% of Russian SME managers took advantage of the measures. However, entrepreneurs also applied internal restrictions in order to … Read more

Contract case // How to calculate the penalty under the contract

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (SC) will clarify the rules for calculating the penalty for violation of a work contract. The courts decided that determining the amount of the penalty from the entire price of the contract gives the creditor an “unreasonable advantage”, and calculated it from the value of the work not … Read more

anti-Russian “hysteria” of the West took advantage of China, India and the Arab countries

At the same time, Panov focused on a very subtle point – now in no case can you create an idol for yourself in the face of friendly countries. Since in business there is still a part of politics, there are new relations with partners, in his opinion, it is necessary to build so that … Read more