The Sejm of Poland adopted a resolution demanding the payment of war reparations from Germany

The resolution also contains an amendment stating that “Poland has never received compensation for losses as a result of Russian aggression and occupation.” The Poles argue that these losses need to be calculated and assessed, which will become “the basis for taking action against Moscow.” Earlier in Warsaw, they said they were demanding 6.2 trillion … Read more

The Polish Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the Federal Republic of Germany to compensate for the damage from the Second World War

418 officials voted for the adoption of the initiative, four deputies did not agree with the resolution, 15 abstained, 22 did not participate in the vote. In the text of the document, the parliament asks Germany to “unconditionally assume political, historical, legal and financial responsibility.” .

The State Duma adopted a law on unified general education programs in schools

Uniform general education programs are being introduced in Russian schools. The corresponding bill was adopted by the State Duma in the second and third (final) readings on Wednesday, September 14. The head of the Duma Committee on Education, Olga Kazakova, explained that such a “gold standard” would help establish a limit below which knowledge should … Read more

The State Duma adopted a bill on the online sale of prescription drugs

Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash Deputies of the State Duma of Russia in the first reading adopted a draft law on the sale of prescription drugs on the Internet. Experimental sales of medicines will begin in Moscow, as well as in the Moscow and Belgorod regions. It will be possible to buy prescription drugs … Read more

The State Duma adopted a law on unified educational programs

“From September 1, 2023, such programs will be introduced in all schools, including private ones,” Olga Kazakova, head of the State Duma Committee on Education, said. Federal basic general education programs will be developed and approved by the Ministry of Education. They will become mandatory for use for the following subjects: “Russian language”, “Literary reading” … Read more

Russia has adopted the latest missile for combat helicopters “Izdeliye 305”

The latest air-to-surface guided missile Izdeliye 305 has been adopted by Russia. Information about this is contained in the material published by Krasnaya Zvezda in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Deputy Head of JSC NPO High Precision Complexes, General Designer of JSC NPK Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering (KBM) Hero of Labor of … Read more

Ombudsman who adopted a teenager from Mariupol urged to help children from the LDNR

According to the Ombudsman, she herself recently adopted a child from Mariupol. Lvova-Belova told how an adopted child runs after her other son, shouting “I will eat a Muscovite”. The kid also tells how he went to a demonstration in support of Ukraine with a flag, and, according to him, he is proud of it. … Read more

The Swiss authorities adopted the seventh package of sanctions against Russia, including the embargo on gold

The Swiss authorities have imposed additional restrictions on Russia as part of the seventh round of European Union (EU) sanctions. The corresponding statement was published on the government website on Wednesday, August 3. “The new measures primarily relate to a ban on the purchase, import or transportation of gold and products from it from Russia. … Read more