Bollywood star Rashmika Mandanna shared her impressions of her trip to Russia

According to the Indian actress, she was satisfied with the trip to the country. Mandanna admitted that she really liked Moscow and the warm welcome of the Russian audience. In addition, she spoke about the difficulties of working on the film “Pushpa. Climbing. .

Agata Muceniece does not want her success to be associated with a divorce from Pavel Priluchny

She did not hide the fact that her show about divorces on the YouTube channel brought popularity and good income, which was built on advertising. Muceniece was pleased as a blogger, but insulting as an actress. Moreover, she divorced Priluchny almost three years ago. .

The husband of the actress Steshenko did not believe in the official cause of his wife’s death

On Tuesday, November 29, Russian theater and film actress Natalia Steshenko died at the age of 37. The official cause of the artist’s death is considered to be a detached blood clot, but her husband, millionaire Vladimir Semago, does not believe in this, writes Starhit. .

The husband of the deceased actress Natalia Steshenko shared new details of her death

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov Deputy of the State Duma of the I, II and IV convocations Vladimir Semago spoke about the death of his wife, theater and film actress Natalia Steshenko. According to the ex-parliamentarian, the celebrity went to a cafe during the day with her ten-year-old son. When she got home, she … Read more