The activity of smugglers has put the rosewood tree in danger of extinction in Africa

prt scr Syrotyuk Antananarivo, 30 September. The high activity of smuggling cartels will lead to the complete disappearance of the African pink rosewood (mukula) on the continent by 2030. The material is used in the production of luxury furniture. At present, China is the world’s largest importer of rosewood. African rosewood is most common … Read more

Chinese scientists discover evidence of volcanic activity in lunar soil

A team of Chinese scientists studying lunar soil samples brought to Earth by the Chang’e-5 automatic interplanetary station found signs of volcanic lava eruptions in them. This was announced by the National Space Science Center under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is noted that experts have found geological evidence of the presence of several … Read more

JAMA Psychiatry experts have identified a link between activity and happiness in the elderly

The study showed that not only physical activity is important for health, but also its intensity. About a third of the subjects started the day in the early morning and had a consistent routine until the evening. They remained active for 15 hours each day. The experts noted that this group of participants felt less … Read more

Russian volunteers spoke about the decrease in the activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zaporozhye

Volunteers said that the front line is moving away, and their battalion is methodically taking the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Of all the inhabitants of Vasilyevka, only three people remained, whom the fighters help not only with food, but also with the elimination of the consequences of mortar shelling. .

Residents of Mali called on the UN Security Council to investigate the illegal military activity of France

globallookpress/hutchison Bamako, 5 September. Public figures of Mali called on the UN Security Council to investigate the colonial crimes of France committed on the territory of the African republic. It is reported by Malijet. Official appeal signed by the head of the Malian Foreign Ministry Abdoulaye Diop, received by the Security Council on 16 August … Read more

Deputy Secretary of the Security Council Grebenkin announced a decrease in the number of telephone scammers from Ukraine

The Russians received calls from scammers from call centers located in Ukraine. During the special operation, these criminal communities were liquidated in Berdyansk, Melitopol, Mariupol, Izvestia writes. .

Beloved Chaliapin admitted to high sexual activity

Olga said that she has various methods of bringing a man to orgasm and is not averse to resorting to sex toys and exciting outfits. Although Chaliapin is glad of such activity of his beloved, sometimes even he has to pronounce the “stop word”. .

Multi-apartment buildings are being built even more slowly // Construction Monitoring

The commissioning of multi-apartment housing in July continued to decline, as follows from the data of Rosstat, in annual terms, 2.8 million square meters were put into operation last month. m, which is 14% less than a year earlier, when the volume of commissioning amounted to 3.2 million sq. m. m. Also, the figures for … Read more