“Pseudoscience racket”: Greenpeace co-founder criticized the organization’s activities

Global Look Press / Jörg Carstensen / dpa Washington, 17 October. “Greenpeace” has nothing to do with environmental activities and is engaged in “trade in pseudoscience.” This was stated on FoxNews by one of the co-founders of the movement Patrick Moore. According to him, environmental movements have begun to pursue political goals that are promoted … Read more

The illegal and extremist activities of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” were discussed in Moscow

A conference of the Foundation for the Fight against Repression, founded by a Russian businessman, was held in Moscow Evgeny Prigozhin. Discussion topic: “Information Gestapo: lists of the Ukrainian nationalist site “Peacemaker” are used to suppress freedom of speech and reprisals against journalists”, dedicated to the illegal activities of the nationalist resource, which is associated … Read more

Dmitry Pevtsov called for a ban on public activities for critics of the special operation

Ekaterina Tsvetkova/Global Look Press Citizens of Russia who openly opposed the special operation in Ukraine should be deprived of the right to speak in public. This opinion was expressed by theater and film actor Dmitry Pevtsov. Commenting on his Telegram channel on a speech in Moscow by singer Valery Meladze, who criticized the special operation, … Read more

Russian volunteers expanded their activities to the Nikolaev region

As the volunteers said, in the village of Snegirevka, which is regularly shelled by the Ukrainian army, the locals themselves help the Russian military to distribute humanitarian kits. Due to the proximity of hostilities, businessmen are afraid to deliver food to local shops, and the villagers constantly feel their shortage. Therefore, activists in Snegirevka provide … Read more

Control and supervision will be recalculated before autumn // Mandatory requirements are promised an additional test for effectiveness

The White House has until September 1 to revise the lists of mandatory business requirements, which should come into force before the end of 2024. Additional expertise was required in connection with attempts to reduce administrative pressure on entrepreneurs in the face of sanctions due to the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine … Read more

The latest drones will detect illegal activities in Primorye

youtube.com/Russian Ministry of Defense In Primorye, the airborne control service is ready for trial operation. Modern unmanned aerial vehicles will track illegal dumps, logging, and traffic flows from the air. In addition, thanks to the introduction and widespread use of UAVs, specialists will be able to control the situation with forest fires, track animal migration, … Read more

Coca-Cola HBC lost 190 million euros due to the restriction of activities in Russia

MOSCOW, 11 Aug – The Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (Coca-Cola HBC) estimated the cost of restricting its work in Russia in the first half of the year at 190 million euros, further costs are expected in the second half of the year, according to reporting companies. Coca-Cola HBC bottles and markets beverages under the Coca-Cola … Read more

Operational downturn // Economy accelerates contraction amid mounting uncertainty

The contraction of the Russian economy is accelerating. According to the Ministry of Economy, in June, GDP contracted by 4.9% in annual terms after a decline of 4.3% in May and 2.8% in April 2022, and in the first half of the year the economy shrank by 0.5%. The output of goods and services by … Read more