The authorities of the Kirov region are actively solving the problems of deceived equity holders

At the same time, this year it is planned to restore the rights of 406 equity holders who once invested in the purchase of apartments under construction in objects on Sovremennaya, Gorokhovskaya and Maklina streets. .

Fighter of the NM DPR Sith: detachments are actively operating in the Ukrainian army

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine In the Ukrainian army, barrage detachments are actively operating, which shoot the retreating units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was announced by an officer of the People’s Militia of the DPR with the call sign Sith. The power structures of the Kyiv regime are also carrying out mass … Read more

Galkin turned to the Poles with a request to actively buy tickets for his concert in Warsaw

Spouses Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva left Russia on February 24. Since then, the family first lived in Israel and now moved to Latvia. As it became known, the concert schedule of the artist is scheduled until the summer of next year. .

Collect and spend // Monitoring of household finances

According to the data of the Bank of Russia on household assets and liabilities and on the liquidity of the banking sector, the movement of citizens’ money in April-May, as in March, reflected the course of the crisis in the economy. Against the background of rising rates and the strengthening of the ruble and the … Read more

The Russians have become more actively interested in right-hand drive cars

Prt Scr Drive Demand for cars destined for the Japanese market has risen sharply recently in Russia, said Maria Pogrebets, spokeswoman for the Drom website. According to her, the situation was affected by the strengthening of the ruble against the Japanese yen. Prices in showrooms cannot compete with Japanese auctions, so the population chooses … Read more

Russian coal being developed in India // Deliveries in the first quarter increased sharply

Russia is increasing exports of thermal coal to India a thousandfold, supplying more than 40% of the volume for the entire last year in the first quarter. India is on the verge of an energy crisis due to low coal reserves at power plants and is actively buying imports. Although the supply of Russian coal … Read more

Salaries look down // Monitoring of incomes of the population

In connection with the latest data from Rosstat on the dynamics of wages for the first quarter and March 2022, analysts are actively discussing, in particular, the problem of nominal growth of the Wage Fund (PAY) by 9% with a growth in wages by 15%. This looks like a statistical absurdity and in reality could … Read more

How can I top up the SIM card “In touch” // Rules of the game

Recently launched in the Kherson region and Zaporozhye, the +7Telecom operator (the On Line brand) with the code +7990 (see below for more details on the communication system in the regions) actively sells SIM cards (70 hryvnias), but it is impossible to top up the balance of such numbers : payments do not go through … Read more