Sony acquires developer of Halo and Destiny for $3.6 billion

Tokyo, February 1st. The Japanese corporation Sony has acquired the American developer Bungie, which created the cult series of video games Halo and Destiny. The company announced this information on its official website. It is known that the amount of the deal was 3.6 billion dollars. Representatives of the Japanese company assured that after the … Read more

“Kinovsky” is poured into factories // The cognac brand has changed its owner and site

The producer of cognac “Stareyshina” GC “Alvisa” is planning a serious expansion in the segment. The Group is acquiring Usovskie Wine and Cognac Cellars, a Moscow Region enterprise, in order to start bottling the previously acquired Kinovsky brand at the plant. The new owner wants to bring the brand to the top three in the … Read more

SAIC Motor Acquires Vessels to Increase Exports

China’s largest automaker SAIC Motor is close to completing a deal to buy two cargo ships capable of carrying 7,600 vehicles each, Bloomberg reports, as the company needs the ships to meet surging demand for vehicles amid supply and congestion problems. Due to the increased demand after the pandemic, cargo ships are lining up for … Read more

The price of the issue // Chairman of the Board of the Arbitration Association Vladimir Khvaley on the share of “good” ad hoc

After the reform of 2016, when the number of arbitration courts in Russia decreased from several thousand to seven, the number of ad hoc arbitrations (from the Latin “on the occasion”), created to resolve a specific dispute, increased dramatically. For example, a neighbor in the country ran over a fence with a car and broke … Read more

Netflix acquires a video game developer for the first time

Streaming service Netflix, which previously announced plans to enter the video game market, announced the purchase of Night School Studio, which released Oxenfree in 2016. This is the first such deal for Netflix, and its terms have not been disclosed. Night School Studio co-founder Sean Krankel announced on the studio’s blog that it will continue … Read more

CP Foods picks up pork // Group acquires new enterprises in the Russian Federation for 22 billion rubles

A major deal is being prepared on the Russian meat market. CP Foods from Thailand buys out Agro-Industrial Complex Don, one of the top 15 pork producers, which produced more than 110 thousand tons of meat in 2020, for 22 billion rubles. The deal will allow CP Foods to strengthen its position in the top … Read more

Philip Morris acquires nicotine gum maker for $ 813 million

Philip Morris, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, has reached an agreement in principle to acquire the nicotine gum manufacturer Fertin Pharma. The Danish company Fertin Pharma is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of nicotine products (chewing gums, tablets, powders) used in smoking cessation programs. The company is owned by the private … Read more

How the new gas pipeline to Poland killed mice

Denmark is gradually gaining a reputation as a country where it is better not to lay large and strategically important gas pipelines. Following Nord Stream 2, which the country’s authorities did not give permission for more than two years to lay in its exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea, problems overtook the Baltic Pipe … Read more

Nabiullina: inflation in Russia is becoming stable

In Russia, there is increased inflation, which is becoming more and more stable over time. This was stated by the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, speaking at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. “We believe that our inflation already has a significant share of stable components … We already have high inflation, we … Read more