“Personal Hands”: Diunov accused the United States of conducting hostilities against Russia with the help of Ukrainians

Federal News Agency The actions of the United States have long been a direct intervention in the Russian military operation. Although, for the time being, the hostilities are being carried out by the wrong hands – by Ukrainians, whom the Americans do not feel sorry for, said Mikhail Diunov, candidate of historical sciences, anthropologist and … Read more

U.S. Attorney’s Office Accused Oleg Deripaska of Sanction Evasion

So, two women appear in court materials: Russian woman Natalya Bardakova and US citizen Olga Shriki. “Defendant Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska hired defendants Olga Shriki and Natalya Mikhailovna Bardakova to provide funds, goods and services for and in the interests of Deripaska and companies owned and controlled by Deripaska, as well as to receive funds, goods … Read more

Putin accused the West of creating conflicts in the CIS countries

Western countries seek to provoke conflicts in the CIS. This was announced on September 29 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Following their goals, our geopolitical adversaries, our opponents, as we just recently said, are ready to expose everyone, anyone, any country, to turn it into the epicenter of the crisis, provoke a color revolution and … Read more

Aziza stood up for Sergei Gorokh, accused of the death of Moiseev

Moiseev’s brother Marx Tolkach believes that Peas are to blame for the singer’s death. According to a man living in Canada, the director isolated the seriously ill dancer from all relatives. However, Aziza, who has been friends with the late artist for over 30 years, strongly disagrees with this. .

Mali accused ECOWAS of lobbying the interests of Côte d’Ivoire and interfering in the negotiation process

The Minister also added that ECOWAS is on the side of Côte d’Ivoire, despite the fact that Mali has long been under economic community sanctions. According to the official, this approach cannot be called fair or promising.

The creators of the series “Queen’s Move” were accused of humiliating Soviet flight attendants

pxhere.com Hollywood directors often show Soviet reality distorted by stereotypes in their films. The modern series “The Queen’s Move” was no exception, writes the Kinoafisha portal. Russian viewers were outraged by the scene on the plane, during which a Soviet stewardess in strange clothes served drinks to passengers. The girl was wearing a blue shirt … Read more

Medvedchuk’s lawyer said that Kyiv uses those accused of treason to exchange with Russia

If people are not changed, then they are sent to prison, Rybin noted. In his opinion, in Ukraine “no one is worried about the fate” of citizens, writes RIA Novosti. Moreover, Ukrainian society, the lawyer pointed out, treats people who do not support the Kyiv regime quite harshly. .