The head of the Accounts Chamber Kudrin was offered a 5% stake in Yandex for the transition to the company

The capitalization of “Yandex” as of September 23 is 6.51 billion dollars. About 95% of the company’s profit comes from business in the Russian Federation. Alexei Kudrin, after joining the company, may enter its board of directors. Arkady Volozh, like many Yandex top managers, lives in Israel. .

Angry Germans attack energy company call centers over tariff hikes

Global look Press / Frank Röder / CHROMORANGE Berlin, 18 September. German energy company call centers are facing a flurry of angry calls from consumers who are outraged by rising electricity prices. Customer service staff at E.ON and other energy providers admit to having to answer a barrage of calls every day from people who … Read more

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation explained the inappropriateness of preferential mortgages for secondary housing

The introduction of a program to provide a preferential loan for the purchase of housing in the secondary market is inappropriate, said the auditor of the Accounts Chamber of Russia Natalya Trunova. .

why von der Leyen suggested sending electricity bills to Moscow

Head of the EC Ursula von der Leyen has been sharply criticized by some members of the European Parliament because of the rise in prices for electricity and gas in the EU, as well as the crisis with the supply of energy resources from the Russian Federation. In response, she suggested to the indignant deputy … Read more

Auditor of the Accounts Chamber spoke about the risks of low-rise construction

The development of individual housing construction may give rise to new social and communal problems. This was told in an interview with “RG” auditor of the Accounts Chamber Natalya Trunova. The density of the road network in Russia lags behind the European one by several times; in the last 15 years, the network of social … Read more

The alleged accomplice of the murderer Dugina deleted accounts in messengers

The alleged accomplice of the murderer of journalist and political scientist Darya Dugina, Bogdan Tsyganenko, has deleted his messenger accounts. On Tuesday, September 13, RIA Novosti reports. Currently, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber applications are not tied to the phone number of a citizen of Ukraine. Tsyganenko’s page on the VKontakte social network has not been … Read more

The Central Bank allowed to issue cash to Russians from foreign currency accounts credited since September 9

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation allowed credit institutions to issue cash to citizens of the country from foreign currency accounts and deposits in rubles at their own rate, excluding the rate of the Central Bank, credited from September 9. Relevant information is available on the regulator’s website. .