Alena Ashmarina told how the children accepted their father who left them

The star of the Dom-2 project, mother of many children, Alena Ashmarina, spoke about the relationship of children with their father, businessman Jean-Paul Churkin, who left them immediately after birth, but returned to the family two years later. .

Map World Abroad 2022: where is it accepted

After Crimea became part of Russia, it became impossible to pay by card on the peninsula: banks fell under the restrictions of the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard. This prompted the Central Bank to develop the National System of Payment Cards. It was supposed to ensure the financial security of the country and the … Read more

Surgut schools accepted almost seven thousand first-graders Director of the Education Department of the Surgut Administration Irina Zamyatina assessed the readiness of schools for the start of the school year. According to Zamyatina, all city educational institutions were prepared for the new academic year. Repair work was completed on time, the necessary books, teaching aids, equipment and comfortable furniture were purchased, … Read more

British Minister Harrington proposed to double the allowances for citizens who accepted Ukrainians

Bernd Wüstneck/dpa/Global Look Press British Minister of State for Refugees Richard Harrington appealed to the country’s Treasury to increase payments to citizens who provided shelter for Ukrainian refugees. The British, who hosted immigrants, receive 350 pounds sterling every month from the authorities of Foggy Albion. However, almost every fourth citizen still plans to refuse to … Read more

Personnel and employers have decided in doubts // Monitoring of the labor market

Russian employers are not sure how their business will develop until the end of 2022, and cannot yet determine a short-term personnel strategy. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the study of the recruitment company Ventra “Labor Market Challenges 2022: the view of employees and employers.” As follows from the results of the survey … Read more

US GDP declined for the second quarter in a row // Monitoring of the world economy

US GDP in the second quarter fell by 0.9% year on year, the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis reported yesterday. This is worse than the forecasts of most analysts who expected at least a minimal increase. Let’s be clear: the US indicator shows how much the size of the economy would shrink … Read more

Longer, softer, more boring // The Central Bank reduced the cost of credit and extended the forecast for the duration of the recession

The key rate has been reduced again, and unexpectedly much: the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia decided to set it at 8% per annum. In the revised forecast for 2022-2024, the Central Bank assumes that the continuation of the recession in 2023 is inevitable, the recession will be less deep and longer … Read more

Press conference of the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina. Main statements

In September, the Central Bank will extend the restriction on the issuance of cash foreign currency to individuals. The Central Bank believes that the accumulation of savings by Russians can give rise to inflation: “Today, in fact, forced accumulation of savings is a compressed spring in the economy, which under certain circumstances can give rise … Read more