Russian Railways will receive 140 billion rubles of promises // The Government has prepared an act on the allocation of subsidies in 2025–2026

The government did not abandon the idea of ​​allocating a subsidy of 140 billion rubles to Russian Railways. in 2025–2026 – the corresponding draft resolution was published. By allocating funds for operating activities in the future, the government replenishes the company’s EBITDA and the debt ratio with it already in the present, which will allow … Read more

Demand will be supported by incentives // Buyers of domestic IT solutions will be given a discount on income tax

Within the framework of the “second package” of measures to support the IT industry, the government has agreed on new benefits for buyers of domestic software and hardware. All of them relate to income tax – we are talking about the application of a multiplying coefficient to the costs of purchasing Russian solutions in the … Read more

Annual inflation in Russia accelerated to 8.1%

Annual inflation in Russia for the week from November 9 to 15 accelerated slightly – to 8.1% from 8.07%, weekly – accelerated to 0.18% after 0.09%. The growth in consumer prices since the beginning of the year amounted to 6.81%, while for the first time since the beginning of September, prices for fruits and vegetables … Read more

US inflation accelerates to 30-year high

The US consumer price index rose 6.2% year-on-year, reaching its highest since December 1990. The core index rose to 4.6%, according to data from the country’s Labor Ministry (.pdf). Thus, inflation accelerated from 5.4% a month earlier – the consumer price index rose 0.9% from the previous month. Energy prices rose 30% in October, food … Read more