Residents of the UK will spend $ 229 million on lighting Christmas trees

Last year, one British household spent an average of about three pounds on lighting Christmas trees. However, already this year they will have to pay an average of seven pounds. It is noted that the most expensive lighting will cost residents who have not switched to LED garlands, Sky News reports. .

Turkish pharmacists complain of a shortage of medicines due to the growth of the exchange rate

As noted by the Secretary General of the Ankara Pharmaceutical Association Ali Fuat Guldrug prices continue to rise. This is primarily due to the fact that the cost of aluminum and paper has been constantly increasing. In particular, over the past three months, glass bottles have risen in price by 100% or even 200%. .

Analysts list countries with high default risk in coming years

Federal News Agency The complex problems of the world economy may put a number of states at risk of bankruptcy. If they are sufficiently tightly integrated into the global system of economic relations, they may suffer from an already launched domino effect. Izvestia named several countries whose situation turned out to be worse than others. … Read more

The head of the Libyan Parliament Aguila Saleh spoke about the imminent formation of a unified government in the country

Cairo, 2 December. Libyan House Speaker Aguila Saleh praised Egypt’s role in resolving the crisis in the North African nation. He told reporters about this after a meeting with the head of the Egyptian Parliament, Hanafi al-Jebali. .

Libyan Prime Minister Dbeiba announced his desire to end the political crisis in the country

TASS | SEAN GALLUP / POOL / EPA Tripoli, 30 November. The Prime Minister of the illegitimate Government of National Unity (GNU) of Libya, Abd al-Hamid Dbeiba, announced his readiness to sit down at the negotiating table with all representatives of state structures in order to put an end to the political crisis in the … Read more

The Polish economy faced a crisis in the fourth quarter of 2022 Poland faced an economic crisis in the fourth quarter of this year. The country has a shortage of coal, but due to anti-Russian sanctions, it cannot get it. The Poles have to rummage through the garbage in search of food and mine coal illegally. VIEW talks about this, citing a survey by the sociological … Read more

Algeria and Tunisia discussed the Libyan crisis and border security

Global Look Press | Alexis Sciard/Keystone Press Agency Algiers, 29 November. Tunisian Prime Minister Najla Boudin arrived in Algiers for a one-day visit to meet with her counterpart Ayman bin Abdel Rahman. Asharq Al-Awsat reports. During the talks, the parties discussed a number of important topics related to the Libyan crisis, the growth of illegal … Read more

the rising cost of living affects the minds of the Germans stronger than biased media

The current government of the EU states can only respond to this as they are told in Washington. And there are two ways: you need to either change the leadership of European countries, or radically change the attitude of the EU to the crisis situation that the United States has created in the EU, the … Read more

Analyst Shirov said that Russians are hardened by previous crises

According to him, previous crises have changed the behavior of Russians. As Shirov noted, it has become “more literate, rational.” The analyst is sure that the population of Russia and domestic business can already be called “grated rolls”, RIA Novosti reports. .