How oil and gas revenues of the budget changed // Infographics

The volume of additional oil and gas revenues associated with rising oil prices in July turned out to be lower than planned by 74.7 billion rubles, the Finance Ministry said. As follows from the materials of the department, the total volume of oil and gas revenues in July amounted to 770.5 billion rubles, which is … Read more

Injections did not have enough investments // The only SPIC for the production of medical devices will be terminated

Announced by the authorities three years ago as the first and only project worth 2.7 billion rubles. within the framework of a special investment contract (SPIC) in the segment of the production of medical devices will be terminated. The Snabpolimer Medicine company is not ready to launch the production of third-generation disposable self-destructive syringes in … Read more

Auto loans rolled into ATB // Kvant Mobile Bank gave him clients for 7 billion rubles

The Asia-Pacific Bank (ATB), sold last fall to Kazakh investors, took retail loans for 7 billion rubles. from the related Quantum Mobile Bank. The deals are part of a bank merger scheme that was launched at the end of April. This merger format is only suitable for small banks. As a result of clearing the … Read more

Avito put up for sale // A foreign investor is looking for a buyer for a share in the classified

The main shareholder of Avito, the Dutch Prosous, is leaving Russia and is looking for a buyer for the asset, according to the company’s website. In March, Avito was separated into a separate business from the holding. This decision will not affect the company’s plans in any way, Avito said. Analysts believe that the classified … Read more

Covid is in no hurry to exit // IMF warns of long-term consequences of the pandemic

If the current vaccination rate is maintained, more than a hundred countries of the world (including the USA, Russia, India, almost all of Eastern Europe and all of Africa) will not be able to reach its target level of 70% by mid-2022, while some states will not be able to achieve this indicator never, according … Read more

NII give or take // Software supplier for the Ministry of Defense declared bankrupt

The Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal declared bankrupt the IT contractor of the Ministry of Defense JSC “Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics and Control Systems” (TsNII EISU). The debt of the enterprise, which is part of Rostec, is 3.57 billion rubles, the largest creditors are the structures of the state corporation itself, which expect … Read more

Take-Two buys game developer FarmVille for $ 12.7 billion

On Monday, US game publisher and developer Take-Two Interactive announced the purchase of another game developer, Zynga. Take-Two will pay $ 9.9 per share for Zynga, a 64% premium over the company’s share price on Friday. In total, Zynga shareholders will receive $ 11 billion in cash and Take-Two stock, and taking into account the … Read more

MTS will look into the face // Operator bought Vision Labs

MTS agreed to acquire 100% of the developer of VisionLabs face recognition systems for 7 billion rubles. The sellers were the founders of the company, including the top manager of MTS itself, Alexander Khanin, as well as the Sberbank structure and Sistema_VC, the AFK Sistema venture fund. At the same time, Messrs. Khanin and Laptev … Read more

In debt as in boots // Context

As the agency “Expert RA” pointed out in the description of the rating action in relation to OR Group in the middle of this year, the current position of the group is characterized by “a high level of debt burden.” According to its financial statements under IFRS, at the end of the first half of … Read more