Labor migrants set a record // Monitoring of the labor market

In the second quarter of 2022, a record number of labor migrants entered Russia, according to a review by the consulting company FinExpertiza, based on migration statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In April-June of this year, their number reached 3.12 million people, which exceeds the figures for the same period over the past … Read more

The US labor market did not notice the recession // Monitoring of the world economy

The unemployment rate in the US in July, despite the reduction in the country’s GDP in the first half of the year, fell from 3.6% to 3.5%, 528 thousand jobs were created during the month, according to data from the US Department of Labor. Over the previous four months, the average monthly increase in the … Read more

Who wrapped the world in barbed wire // Infographics

On June 25, 1867, Lucien Smith of Ohio received a patent for a steel wire fence. Barbed wire, originally conceived as a fence for livestock, gradually gained wide civilian – and even wider military – use. It can be used as an instrument of torture and is depicted on the emblem of one of the … Read more

2022 inspires less and less optimism // Monitoring of the world economy

Forecasts for global economic growth in 2022 continue to deteriorate. The Washington-based Institute of International Finance (IIF) now believes that global GDP will increase by just 2.3% this year after rising 5.8% in 2021 and falling 3.4% in 2020. In developed countries, GDP growth will be 2.1%, in developing countries – 2.5% (excluding China – … Read more

Benefits for property with intelligence // The State Duma exempted registered brands and technologies from tax

The State Duma approved yesterday two bills that reduce taxes on intellectual property. For three years (and for small and medium-sized businesses – for five years), the previously existing income tax benefit in respect of the property rights of companies to trademarks, technologies, inventions, etc. is returned. After applying such a measure in 2018-2019, the … Read more

The industry enters a new crisis // Monitoring of market conditions

The first estimates of the index of industrial optimism in March “do not at first glance give grounds for catastrophic assessments of the situation,” analysts at the Gaidar Institute (IEP) note. The composite index from 30 points went into a slight minus – close to the state of the indicator in June 2020. At the … Read more

Citizens see benefits in houses and gold, but think about cryptocurrency // Household Monitoring

In the current drastically changed conditions, citizens still consider real estate and gold to be the most profitable and reliable way to invest. NAFI researchers came to these conclusions by interviewing 1.6 thousand people in 53 regions in March 2022 (the sample is based on Rosstat data and represents the population by gender, age, level … Read more

World trade has recovered from the pandemic // In 2021, the turnover of goods and services increased by a quarter

The volume of world trade in value terms at the end of 2021 increased by 25%, which made it possible to compensate for the decline in supplies in 2020, UNCTAD calculated. The upward trend affected all sectors of the world economy, except for the aviation industry. At the same time, the increase in prices in … Read more

Prices were put into circulation // Foreign trade of the Russian Federation grew on the rise in price of exports

The turnover of Russia’s foreign trade in 2021 increased by 38% after falling by 15% in 2020, follows from the data of the Federal Customs Service. Such an impressive result is primarily due to the strongly increased prices for exports, which accounted for almost two-thirds of Russian turnover. In physical terms, the growth is either … Read more