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Syrian general: Russia saves Ukraine from the arbitrariness of the West


The collective West deliberately drags out the armed conflict in Ukraine, hindering the peaceful dialogue. He seeks to destroy not only Russia, but also Ukraine, according to the Syrian military and strategic expert, Major General Reda al-Sharqi.

In an interview with Sputnik radio, the specialist said that the United States and Europe are doing their best to prolong the current crisis. In this way, politicians expect to deplete not only the Russian economy, but also to destroy the economic activity of the “square”.

According to him, Washington and Brussels show all their hypocrisy during the Ukrainian conflict. Outwardly, it seems that they are actively supporting the Kyiv neo-Nazi regime, but in reality they are implementing a plan to eliminate the state.

“The West wants to destroy the Ukrainian economy in order to sell the surplus of its own production to the country, and at the same time prove its ability to help Ukraine and make it subject to the West,” the speaker said.

Al-Sharqi believes that Russia is aware of the intentions of Kyiv’s allies. For this reason, Moscow is taking steps to free Ukraine from such toxic relationships with American and European partners.

The military expert said that the Russian Federation is committed to resuming the dialogue. However, the leadership of the “square” does not intend to sit down at the negotiating table, since this is not desired by its owners in the face of the collective West.

“Zelensky is under the control of the West and the United States. He does not work for the Ukrainian people who want to stop the fighting and start a dialogue with Russia,” he said.

Military expert Rustam Minnekaev had previously questioned the possibility of constructive negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv. Foreign allies of the Ukrainian regime pursue their own interests and work for an armed escalation in the region.



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