Symbiosis Finance added testnet support for the Linea project


Symbiosis Finance’s multi-chain liquidity protocol has integrated the testnet of a second-tier solution developed by ConsenSys based on ZK-Rollups technology.

Symbiosis will add mainnet support immediately after launch as one of the exclusive partners of the project, representatives of the protocol told ForkLog. Users will be able to swap any tokens on the Ethereum, zkSync, Optimism and other networks to Linea and back.

The Symbiosis team is also discussing integrating the protocol into the MetaMask wallet, which is backed by ConsenSys.

Recently, the multi-chain protocol has recorded a “multiple increase” in the number of transactions. Over the month, the volume of cross-network swaps exceeded $200 million, the activity of whales increased (operations by more than $10,000). Symbiosis largely attributed this to the addition of support for various rollup solutions.

On June 16, the Frax Finance team announced the launch of their own L2 blockchain called Fraxchain by the end of the year. Symbiosis called it “good news” as the flagship stablecoin FRAX from the DeFi project is “in the field of interest” of the protocol.

Recall that in May, the Linea platform introduced a loyalty program aimed at enhancing the use of the testnet.

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