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Surprises of “Dakar” did not interfere with the leadership of the “KAMAZ-master” team

The KAMAZ-master team is out of competition at the Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia. Even the last of the Russian pilots is two and a half minutes ahead of the nearest rival.

Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia. The rider of the KAMAZ-master team Andrey Karginov won the second stage of the raid, the first four places went to the Russian Blue Armada. Our drivers didn’t leave a single chance for their rivals in the standings of trucks. Even the last of the KAMAZ-master pilots was 2.5 minutes ahead of the nearest competitor.

Dakar is full of surprises. The flood in the desert is one of them. The camp where the athletes were supposed to arrive for the night was flooded. But giving in even to the elements is not in the spirit of a rally-raid. The race changes the route, but does not stand still.

The marathon has been cancelled. No need to carry additional spare parts – riders, as they say, go “for all the money.” Drivers of trucks, rivals on the special stage, outside of it, in a friendly way, with boyish excitement, discuss the tricky zigzags of the race, writing out with their fingers right on the sand and hands in the air.

“Where Makar didn’t drive the calves”: it’s hard to describe the place where the second stage started. But even here there are fans of KAMAZ. And just recently, the pulse of the world economy was beating here.

In the cold desert – a hot race. 338 kilometers on gravel, sand and dunes. Racing KAMAZ trucks are beyond competition. The winner of the Dakar 2020 is Andrey Karginov. An exhausting race: the trucks arrive at the camp already after dark, there is no strength even to rejoice at the success.

Total dominance of the Russian team: four KAMAZ trucks are the best at the stage and in the general classification.


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