Surgeons of the Tula region performed an operation to eliminate gastrointestinal bleeding |  Freepik Company S.L. | Freepik Company S.L.

Dmitry Klimov, head of the surgical department of the Novomoskovsk City Clinical Hospital, explained the specifics of the operation.

According to Klimov, the patient was admitted to the hospital with an aggravated serious illness. He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver due to viral hepatitis. He started bleeding from varicose veins of the esophagus. Therefore, it was impossible to do without an operation, reports

As Klimov explained, the operation was performed without skin incisions. All manipulations were performed through an endoscope. Using a gastroscope, the doctors inserted a special device into the esophagus, which placed latex rings on the varicose veins. The bleeding was controlled.


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