Sukhoi holding filed a claim against Sberbank for 291 million rubles

Sukhoi Aviation Holding has filed a lawsuit against Sberbank with the Moscow Arbitration Court. The amount of the claim is 290.8 million rubles. The reasons for filing the claim are unknown.

The lawsuit went to court on June 10. It has not yet been accepted for consideration, it follows from the court file.

In 2018–2019, Sberbank and Sukhoi litigated over barrier currency option transactions. These are five transactions concluded by the parties in 2013–2014. One of the conditions was that if the dollar rose above 40.25 rubles. “Sukhoi” must sell the currency to Sberbank at the rate of 28.3 rubles. for $ 248.4 million

In September 2016, the Moscow prosecutor’s office demanded that these transactions be declared invalid. In August 2017, Sberbank sent the Prosecutor’s Office and Sukhoi a draft settlement agreement on the dispute: the bank offered the holding to pay 13.5 billion rubles. during two years. The credit institution, in turn, undertook to pay Sukhoi 7.8 billion rubles. In April 2018, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared the transaction invalid. Sberbank appealed against the cancellation of the deal in the Supreme Court, but it did not begin to review the decisions of lower instances.

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