Sui paid CertiK $500,000 for vulnerability discovery

What is Sui Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Overview of a Meta Project
What is Sui Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Overview of a Meta Project

Smart contract security auditor CertiK received a $500,000 reward for discovering a critical vulnerability in the Sui blockchain. It is reported by Cointelegraph.

The analytics team emphasized that the bug, called HamsterWheel, is different from traditional exploits. According to them, a potential attacker could take over the nodes and make transactions without processing new transactions.

CertiK discovered the vulnerability ahead of the launch of the main Sui network in May. The developers immediately fixed the bug. The auditors promised to publish a more detailed report later.

CertiK Security Director Kang Li stated that methods of attacking blockchains are constantly evolving. The detection of HamsterWheel demonstrates the “increasing sophistication of threats,” he added.

The company also stressed the importance of reward programs for proactive cybersecurity efforts.

Recall that in May, CertiK announced the freezing of $160,000 withdrawn from the Merlin decentralized exchange as a result of an exploit.

In June 2022, the MetaMask non-custodial crypto wallet team, in partnership with HackerOne, launched an initiative to reward for finding vulnerabilities in the application.

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