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Storm front to bring hail to Capital Region

On Thursday afternoon, a cold atmospheric front will approach the capital region, which will bring “thunder and lightning”. So far, the sun is shining in Moscow and there is a minimum of cloud cover, but you should not relax. As soon as the cyclone reaches the capital, “towers” of thunderclouds will appear in the sky, which will be accompanied by intense downpours.

According to forecasters, up to 17 millimeters of precipitation will fall today – this is a fifth of the monthly norm (or one and a half buckets of water per square meter).

All this will be accompanied by artillery cannonade of thunderstorms and hail in places up to 2-3 centimeters in diameter, Yevgeny Tishkovets, a leading specialist of the FOBOS Weather Center, said in the Full Contact program on the Vesti FM radio and the Lookout platform.

The wind will intensify in the evening, so motorists are advised to observe safety measures and not to park their cars under the trees.

Pedestrians are advised not to use mobile phones during thunderstorms. During bad weather it is also strictly forbidden to swim.

The air will have time to warm up to plus 27 during the day, but in the evening it will blow cool. Atmospheric pressure will rise and will be 747 millimeters of mercury.

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