State Duma deputy Gorelkin: audiovisual services will not fall under the law on the regulation of IT giants

Audiovisual services (ABC) will not fall under the law obliging large foreign IT companies to open representative offices in Russia, Anton Gorelkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, told TASS. According to one of the authors of the initiative, it is planned to introduce stricter legislative regulation for such platforms.

“For ABC, taking into account its strategic importance, in general for the entire market and for foreign ABCs who want to work in Russia legally, we will develop special regulations. It will certainly be protectionist. We want transparent interaction between Russian and foreign players on understandable, legally regulated conditions, ”said Mr. Gorelkin.

According to the deputy, the bill on regulation of the activities of IT giants is too soft for the “sensitive market” of ABC. Anton Gorelkin noted that protectionist measures are planned for Russian ABCs. According to him, the bill prohibiting foreigners from owning a share of more than 20% in ABC, mainly aimed at the Russian audience, will be significantly revised. The deputy did not go into details.

Mr. Gorelkin introduced to the lower house of parliament a bill prohibiting foreigners from owning a share of more than 20% in ABC at the end of 2020. The document proposed to oblige the owners of ABC to always coordinate with the government commission the share of foreign participation in the authorized capital if it exceeds 20%.

The current legislation limits the 20% share of foreign participation in audiovisual services by analogy with the media. However, for local services with a Russian audience of more than 50% of the total, an exception is made – the share of foreign ownership in them can be any if such a service has a Russian legal entity.

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