StarkNet upgrade will increase network bandwidth tenfold


The StarkNet layer 2 Ethereum community has begun voting on a planned upgrade called Quantum Leap, which will increase bandwidth tenfold.

StarkNet alpha V0.12.0 is already deployed on the Goerli testnet.

The developers have achieved an increase in transaction processing speed in partnership with the LambdaClass project. They introduced improvements to the sequencer engine and block execution logic in the Rust programming language. StarkNet natively has its own language, Cairo.

The team also integrated the smart contract compiler from LambdaClass into the network to improve the efficiency of their processing.

Other updates in V0.12.0 include the removal of the pending status for transactions and the introduction of a feature to easily extract the hash of past blocks.

“Looking ahead, StarkNet’s main vision is to achieve significant scalability in both speed and cost. The next priority on the agenda is to dramatically reduce operating costs,” the team said.

In the future release V0.12.1, the developers plan to implement the inclusion of failed transactions in the block.

Recall that analyst Colin Wu saw signs of the preparation of a utility token airdrop in 2024 in the StarkNet roadmap.

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