Starknet Developers Activate Quantum Leap Update


The team behind Starknet’s L2 project has launched a Quantum Leap update designed to improve system throughput. The Block writes about it.

During testing at Goerli, the developers managed to demonstrate a stable result of 37 TPS with an intermittent output of 90 TPS, which contrasts with the current 10 TPS.

At the maximum, the indicator reached three-digit marks. The team expects to reach this value by the third quarter.

Another innovation from Quantum Leap was the reduction of latency to 10 seconds under standard conditions.

Lead company StarkWare hopes the improvements will help scale Ethereum applications in niches such as DeFi and gaming.

This year, version 13 of the platform is also expected to be released, which implies a reduction in the cost of transactions.

In a future update, it will be possible to pay extra for high priority transactions. This will create competition for block space in the L2 network.

Recall that analyst Colin Wu saw signs of the preparation of a utility token airdrop in 2024 in the StarkNet roadmap.

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