Spiegel readers recognized the futility of sanctions against the backdrop of the launch of the Moskvich car plant

The beginning of mass production of cars of the revived Moskvich brand became known the day before. Sales of the Moskvich 3 model will begin in the Central Federal District of Russia in December, and from March next year, a resident of any region will be able to buy it.

“It is clear that the sanctions against the Russian Federation do not achieve their goal, but only strengthen the Russian economy, which is faced with consistent and well-thought-out tasks,” wrote one of the readers of the article in a German newspaper (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Another user noted that he had been driving the Moskvich for 20 years, and he remembered the car for being “indestructible and durable”, ready to work in any bad weather. Another reader stated that he would be happy to use a car “where you can replace the turn signal bulb yourself without disassembling half the car.”

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