Spanish authorities confirm John McAfee’s suicide


A Spanish court has named suicide as the official cause of death for crypto entrepreneur John McAfee. Reuters reports this.

In June 2021, the body of a 75-year-old businessman was found in a prison cell hours after his extradition to the United States was approved.

Authorities said there was “not a single piece of evidence that a third party was involved in the crime.”

The police came to this conclusion immediately after the first autopsy in 2021, but the widow of the businessman Janice McAfee doubted the version of his suicide and began collection of signatures to force governments to release her husband’s remains for an independent autopsy.

In her opinion, the court’s decision was not unexpected for John and could not plunge him into despair. Janice noted that he was ready for the fight that followed.

The death of the entrepreneur is surrounded by many conspiracy theories, many of which were spawned by McAfee himself with his posts in X.

“I’m happy here. I have friends. The food is good. Everything is fine. Know that if I hang myself like Epstein, it won’t be my fault,” he wrote shortly before his death.

McAfee was arrested in October 2020 in Spain at the request of US authorities. The Securities and Exchange Commission accused the entrepreneur of deceiving investors when promoting ICO-projects, and the Ministry of Justice – in non-payment of taxes. In 2021, charges of fraud and money laundering were brought against McAfee.

He himself called the case against him an attack on all cryptocurrencies and considered the charges to be politically motivated.

Let us recall that in August 2022, the entrepreneur’s ex-girlfriend Samantha Herrera denied his death. In the Netflix documentary, she stated that McAfee was still alive and hiding in Texas.

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