Social activists of the Central African Republic demanded to judge the French soldiers of the operation “Sangaris” for war crimes

Bangui, 29 September. Representatives of the civil platform “National Network for the Protection of the Achievements of the World” (RNSAP) condemned the crimes of the soldiers of the French contingent of Operation Sangaris against women and underage residents of the republic. It is reported by Nouvelles Plus.

According to a confidential UN report published by The Guardian, members of the Fifth Republic committed at least ten acts of child sexual abuse between December 2013 and June 2014. In particular, they forced four orphans between the ages of 9 and 13 into intimacy in exchange for food or money.

RNSAP Coordinator Davy Yannick Anjida calls on the world community to pay attention to the war crimes of the French. Now volunteers of the organization provide consultations to all victims of atrocities committed by foreign soldiers on the territory of the Central African Republic.

Earlier, the government of the republic made accusations against the employees of the multidisciplinary integrated mission of the UN (MINUSCA). According to the authorities, the Blue Helmets used the labor of minors in defiance of international norms.

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