Skale Network introduced Levitation Protocol based on ZK-Rollups

The Skale Network Ethereum sidechain team has unveiled the Levitation Protocol, a scaling solution powered by ZK-Rollups zero-knowledge proof technology.

Skale is an ecosystem of over 20 application-specific sidechains that run in parallel with Ethereum. The new L2 protocol is designed to provide developers dapps the ability to use “rollups” for seamless interaction with the network of the second cryptocurrency.

To expand the capabilities of the Levitation Protocol, the Skale team also intends to launch an additional L1 blockchain SKALE G. The network will simplify and speed up the connection of the second layer ZK protocols with Ethereum.

Ecosystem Levitation Protocol. Data: Scale Network.

According to the developers, the proposed system has three main advantages over existing solutions based on ZK-Rollups (ZKR):

  • decentralization – all “rollups” are performed in the ecosystem without any modification of the software;
  • compatibility and modularity – the system turns ZKR into modules that interact seamlessly with each other;
  • shared security – multiple ZKRs can operate on the same chain with a common ledger of transactions.

The Skale Network is run by the DAO, but a community of key developers have suggested adding a new protocol through their own forum. They plan to roll out a testnet of the solution in the coming months. Mainnet is expected to launch in the 4th quarter of 2023.

Recall that in 2018, the sidechain team raised about $10 million in funding.

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