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Single customer on special terms

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The transfer of a part of state construction projects to the jurisdiction of the public-law company (PPK) “Single customer in the construction sector”, aimed at increasing the efficiency of the allocated funds, now, as it turned out, requires a softening of budget discipline. The Ministry of Construction proposed until the end of 2022 to suspend some norms for ensuring the execution of the budget in relation to this company, this is explained by the fact that a single customer was created only recently, and also by the fact that problem objects were transferred to its jurisdiction.

Improving the efficiency of construction at the expense of the state requires temporary relaxation of budgetary discipline – the Ministry of Construction has developed a draft government decree providing for the suspension until the end of 2022 for a single customer in the construction sector of several measures to ensure budget execution. Let us explain that this PPK is endowed with the powers of the main manager of budgetary funds, respectively, it is also subject to the requirements for the completion of settlements on government contracts by October 1, as well as for the adoption of budgetary obligations related to the supply of goods, performance of work or the provision of services. It is these requirements that the Ministry of Construction proposes not to apply to PPK yet. Otherwise, the department explains, unused, for example, until October 1, 2021, the balance of budget funds from the construction of 2020 cannot be transferred to the next period.

Recall that a single customer was de jure created on February 1 of this year to centralize government orders in the construction sector. The authorities explained this decision by the need to manage government projects more efficiently, reduce construction timeframes, and combat unfinished projects. The idea arose against the background of chronic problems with the implementation of the federal targeted investment program in terms of the pace of budget funds development. One of the factors slowing down these rates is the possibility of transferring funds from balances to the next year (which complicated the process also because many organizations subordinate to ministries, agencies and services are the customers of construction projects).

Now PPK is in charge of about 120 objects with an area of ​​1.8 million square meters. m. These are the objects of six institutions that previously performed the functions of developers for the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Construction connects the need to suspend the requirements for the intensity of the development of budget funds in relation to a single customer with both external and internal reasons. Taking into account the fact that the PPK was created relatively recently, the Ministry of Construction informs about the need to bring the structure and staffing of the company in line with the goals and objectives of its activities.

It is also indicated that problem objects for which the deadlines for delivery have already been disrupted are transferred to the jurisdiction of a single customer. As the head of the PPK Karen Hovhannisyan explained earlier, such objects make up about a third (one of the most famous examples is the construction of a new museum complex of the Tretyakov Gallery, which took ten years).

In this regard, the department, as one of the reasons why it is proposed to suspend some of the measures to ensure the execution of the budget, calls the failure of the original contractor and the subsequent termination of the contract, this, in turn, entails the need to complete the procurement procedure for the right to conclude a state contract with new contractor.

The role, as follows from the explanatory note to the project, was played by the restrictions introduced in connection with the pandemic and complicating the movement of specialists, the duration of the supply of foreign equipment (as well as the need to install additional equipment, which will require adjusting the design and estimate documentation and obtaining an opinion from Glavgosexpertiza).

The Ministry of Finance did not evaluate the proposal of the Ministry of Construction yesterday; the press service of the department only informed Kommersant that the project was being considered.

Evgeniya Kryuchkova

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