Siluanov: the government does not consider increasing the personal income tax

The government is not considering the issue of increasing the personal income tax rate (PIT), said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. According to him, the increase in personal income tax for earnings over 5 million rubles, which was introduced in 2021, will bring about 100 billion rubles. instead of the planned 60 billion rubles.

“We do not consider personal income tax. Indeed, we have now made a decision to direct the increased personal income tax to complex childhood illnesses. By the way, we estimate that this year there will be more receipts than 60 billion, maybe even under 100, ”said Mr. Siluanov at SPIEF-2021 (quoted by TASS). According to him, it is necessary to decide on the treatment of which diseases this money will be spent.

Since 2021, personal income tax in Russia has increased to 15% for earnings over 5 million rubles. in year. Additional money goes to the Circle of Kindness fund to help sick children. At the end of May, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry proposed introducing a progressive taxation scale. She initiated the zeroing of taxes and fees from the wage fund for those whose salaries are below 13.5 thousand rubles. For the highest paid workers, the tax burden is proposed to be increased to 45%.

On the pros and cons of the progressive scale – in the material “Kommersant” “Between equality and growth.”

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