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Siemens sent Gazprom an export license from Canada for a turbine until the end of 2024

Siemens Energy has provided Gazprom with a Canadian export license by the end of 2024, which is necessary for the repair, maintenance and transportation of Nord Stream gas turbines. On Sunday, July 24, Kommersant reported.

In order for the turbine to be sent, Gazprom will have to change the delivery basis from Montreal to the final destination in Russia, the publication says.

It is noted that the transfer of equipment was supposed to take place on July 23, but this did not happen, allegedly due to the lack of necessary documents from Gazprom. So, on July 21, it became known that the turbine was delayed in transit in Germany.

The Reuters agency reported that the process stalled, as, according to some information, Russia did not agree to transport the turbine. The device was previously serviced in Canada and was delivered to Cologne on July 17 via the logistics company Challenge Group.

On the same day, the Vice-Chancellor, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection of Germany, Robert Habek, confirmed the arrival of the Siemens turbine from Canada to Germany, but refused to talk about the details of its delivery to the country.

Meanwhile, the data of the operator Nord Stream AG showed that gas supplies via Nord Stream reached the level before the shutdown of the gas pipeline for repairs – about 40% of the maximum. Deliveries resumed on the morning of July 21 upon completion of scheduled maintenance.

Initially, it was reported that gas exports to Germany via Nord Stream were going at a capacity of about 30%. It was also emphasized there that reaching the planned 2.66 million cubic meters. m may take several hours.

At the same time, a few days earlier, gas supplies via Nord Stream were reduced due to the lack of a Siemens turbine, which Canada did not return after repairs due to anti-Russian sanctions.

On July 20, Gazprom announced that it had once again requested documents from German Siemens for the return of a gas turbine engine for Nord Stream. The company said that without them, the supply of equipment from Canada and the European Union is impossible due to anti-Russian sanctions. Prior to this, Gazprom requested documents for the turbine on July 16.

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