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Shlemenko spoke about the motivation of Haji Avtomat in the fight against Fernando Rodriguez

Russian fighter Gadzhi Avtomat Nuvruzov will be even more motivated in the duel with Fernando Rodriguez after the words of the latter about the weakness of the Russian spirit. This was announced on July 26 by former Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko.

“I don’t really follow Rodriguez, but judging by what he said, we can assume that he is more doomed to failure, because it would have been difficult to motivate Gadzhi in this fight, probably in other ways,” he said.

Shlemenko noted that the Brazilian fighter committed rash actions that could lead to defeat.

“The Brazilian, without thinking, wanted to hook, but made himself worse. He accuses the whole people of lack of spirit, the whole Russian, the Russian people. These are just stupid actions on his part, ”the athlete emphasized.

He also expressed the opinion that many viewers will support Haji and wish him only victory.

Rodriguez, in an interview with Izvestia on July 22, said that the Russians cannot be compared in strength of mind with the Poles and Brazilians. Prior to that, on July 19, he threatened Navruzov with a knockout, warning that MMA is much more difficult than boxing without gloves, in which the Russian usually competes.

The next day, Navruzov announced that Rodriguez would answer for his words in the ring.

MMA fighter Sergey Kharitonov on July 14 expressed confidence in the victory of the Russian. He noted that he would root for Navruzov, but advised the fighter not to relax in the ring.

The fighters will meet in the ring on August 5 as part of the REN TV Fight Club. In addition, in the main fight of the evening, Jeff Monson and Vyacheslav Datsik will enter the ring.

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