Severodonetsk Azot will be able to work

“In my opinion and in the opinion of specialists, the destruction is not critical,” Morgunov said. “In principle, after certain work is carried out – this is mine clearance, restoration of electricity, the plant will be able to produce its products.”

According to him, electricity should be supplied to the enterprise in a month.

Earlier, the head of the State Unitary Enterprise LPR “Republican Grid Company” Boris Ryzhilov said that the city’s energy system suffered by 95 percent. Providing the city with electricity will be restored in 2-3 months, he noted.

At the end of May, the authorities of the Lugansk People’s Republic announced the liberation of Severodonetsk, but units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian national formations that retreated from the city tried to create a center of resistance on the territory of Azot. In mid-June, they began to surrender. At the same time, there were still civilians in the bomb shelters on the territory of the plant.


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