Serbian activist Rajkovic demanded that NATO dissolve itself

“I am here today to protest against the US war with Russia. I also call on NATO, which consists of countries that bombed Serbia 24 years ago, to disband,” RIA Novosti quotes the activist.

He stressed that the alliance is also responsible for the destruction of the statehood of Libya and Iraq. “Therefore, in my opinion, the funds that Washington spends on financing the military machine should be directed to the education and improvement of the life of Americans,” he said.

At the same time, Rajchkovich supported the idea of ​​self-determination of regions and cited as an example the territories that became part of the Russian Federation following a referendum.

Earlier, the leader of the French party “Patriots” Florian Filippo expressed the opinion that France should withdraw from NATO, as the United States is leading Europe to a new world war.

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