Serbia accuses NATO mission of excessive loyalty to Kosovo authorities

The NATO mission in the Partially Recognized Republic of Kosovo (KFOR) is de facto siding with Pristina rather than remaining neutral. This was announced to Izvestia by Ivan Kostic, a member of the National Assembly (Serbian Parliament) from the Doors party.

“The NATO mission is working together with separatists from Pristina. And the Albanian separatists want to start a full-fledged war in the north of Kosovo,” he said, adding that Kosovo Albanians attack the Serb population on a daily basis, including women and children.

As the program coordinator of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) Milan Lazovic noted in an interview with Izvestia, although the KFOR contingent is intended to prevent escalation and regulate the situation, in fact they do not react to offenses against the Serbs, but only silently observe what is happening, taking the side of the Albanians.

At the same time, despite the tense situation, Belgrade will not send its troops into the region, the expert is sure.

“If Serbian troops are brought into Kosovo, this will mean a very strong escalation. There may also be unpredictable consequences both at the scene of clashes and in the political sphere, for example, the introduction of a sanctions regime against Belgrade,” Lazovic explained.

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