September broke 2023 records for damage from hacking

hack_b-min (1)
hack_b-min (1)

In September, the volume of funds stolen by attackers ($329.8 million) became the maximum in 2023. These estimates were given by CertiK analysts.

Experts estimated the damage from exit scams at $1.9 million, from attacks using instant loans at $0.4 million, and from phishing at $25 million.

The largest contribution to the final figure was made by the hacking of the cross-chain protocol Mixin ($200 million).

Other major episodes included incidents involving the CoinEx exchange ($53 million) and the crypto casino ($41 million).

Taking into account September, the total damage to the industry since the beginning of the year reached $1.34 billion, including hacks ($925.4 million).

Let us remind you that losses from attacks and scams in the third quarter amounted to $889 million, according to Beosin.

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