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Senator Raises Trout

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Igor Zubarev, a fishmonger and member of the Federation Council from Karelia, will start a new business. Its structure will invest 4–5 billion rubles. in a complex for growing trout with a capacity of about 4 thousand tons of fish per year. Consumption of red fish has remained stable, with prices rising since the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged.

A member of the Federation Council from Karelia Igor Zubarev this week established Trout of Karelia LLC in Kondopoga. The main activity of the company is freshwater fishing, it follows from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The general director of Trout Karelia, Vitaly Markov, explained to Kommersant that the company was created for the construction of a complex for growing trout with an area of ​​about 20 thousand square meters. m on the territory of PSEDA “Kondopoga”. The planned production volume is about 4 thousand tons of fish per year, investments – 4-5 billion rubles. According to Mr. Markov, recirculating water supply units (RAS) will be used for growing trout, fish will be processed at factories already built nearby. The capacity of the enterprises is over 100 tons of products per day.

Igor Zubarev is considered the beneficiary GC “Karelian Fishing Fleet”, whose vessels catch more than 100 thousand tons of cod, haddock, capelin, herring, etc. per year. Fishing is carried out in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, in the zones of Norway, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, etc., according to the group’s website. In 2020, the Vyrma Fishing Company, which is part of it, received 2.24 billion rubles. revenue and 601.94 million rubles. net profit. Mr. Zubarev ranks 34th in the Forbes ranking in terms of income of civil servants in 2020 with 484.58 million rubles.

The main volume of trout production in Russia is concentrated in Karelia – about 20-30 thousand tons per year.

Another 30 thousand tons are imported. One of the largest producers of red fish in the country, “Russian Aquaculture” by Maxim Vorobyov, in 2020 sold 1.3 thousand tons of Karelian trout, having rescued 565 million rubles.

Agro & Food Communications Managing Partner Ilya Bereznyuk notes that there is a niche for new producers of red fish on the market. According to him, the most profitable product in the category is salmon, but, on the other hand, trout is easier and cheaper to grow, since there is an opportunity to buy Russian fry, which are available in the same Karelia. Sergei Sennikov, deputy director of the Norebo Management Company, notes that the quotas available to the Karelian Fishing Fleet could not be enough to fully load the factories with sea fish, and in such a situation it was possible either to buy trout from third-party farms, or to organize their own production.

The project for the production of trout in the RAS was recently announced by the agricultural holding “Agrivolga” by the chairman of the board of directors of the resort “Rosa Khutor” Sergei Bachin. We are talking about the production of up to 340 tons of fish per year on the territory of the Yaroslavl seaside. The cost of the Rybinsk Sea complex with an area of ​​3.9 thousand sq. M. m – 275 million rubles. (see “Kommersant” from May 14). As the general director of Rybinsk Sea Boris Goshunov noted, RAS technologies allow to accelerate fish growth and achieve significant savings on feed, as well as almost completely exclude the ingress of infectious diseases and parasites.

There may be additional incentives for trout production.

Recently, a group of State Duma deputies, including Vice-Speaker Alexei Gordeev, introduced a bill to the lower house of parliament that would reduce VAT rates for freshwater trout from 20% to 10%. This should make Russian fish more competitive compared to imported fish and support the development of the industry, follows from the explanatory note. According to a Kommersant source in the industry, the demand for red fish remains stable, and world prices are rising after the fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Russian Aquaculture in its reporting estimates the annual turnover of the Russian salmon market at about 50 billion rubles, and the volume of consumption by 2025 – at 130 thousand tons, against 113 thousand tons in 2019.

Anatoly Kostyrev

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