Senator allowed new changes in taxes

The senator, co-chair of the constitutional amendment group, Andrei Klishas, ​​said the “wealth tax” could be the first step in reforming Russia’s tax system. They write about it “News”.
As Rambler reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin previously proposed raising the income tax from 13 to 15 percent for people earning more than five million rubles a year.

The new tax should be targeted: the money collected (about 60 billion rubles a year) is planned to be spent on high-tech medicine.

Klishas noted that there is a request for justice in Russian society. In his opinion, many amendments to the Constitution implement this request, including reinforcing the requirements for affordable medicine and socially oriented state policy.

The senator noted that citizens would support the introduction of a progressive rate, but called for “being very careful.”

“In principle, it’s possible that [«налог на богатство» — прим.ред.] only the first step, but it’s too early to talk about further decisions – we need to see how it will work, ”he said.

Klishas emphasized that new changes in tax rates would require careful economic calculations and discussion in the government.

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. (Source: rambler)

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