SEC to Release Unedited Papers for Hinman’s Speech Today

SEC to Release Unedited Papers for Hinman's Speech Today

The SEC is about to release unredacted Hinman speech documents that will affect the outcome of the Ripple case and potentially change the rules of the cryptocurrency.

The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC may take an unexpected turn this week as the SEC prepares to release unredacted documents related to a speech delivered by William Hinman, a former senior SEC official.

The release of these documents, scheduled for June 13, will have major implications for the outcome of the SEC v. Ripple case, which has been ongoing since December 2020.

The content of these documents could put pressure on US lawmakers to reconsider the SEC’s approach to regulation, which has relied heavily on enforcement-based regulation. This approach has led to accusations against various platforms, including Binance US, Binance and Coinbase, etc.

If there are signs of a potential settlement between the SEC and Ripple, this could have a positive impact not only on the XRP cryptocurrency, but also on the wider crypto market.

In light of these developments, lawmakers, especially on the Republican side, are increasingly aware of the need for regulatory clarity in the US digital asset space. The lack of a clear regulatory framework and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s approach to enforcement have created problems for the industry.

The release of unredacted documents related to William Hinman’s speech could prompt the US administration to reconsider the scope of regulatory powers wielded by the SEC. In addition, discussions around the bill on the structure of the digital asset market give hope for a potential change in the regulatory framework. However, bipartisan support is critical to moving the bill forward and creating a more positive environment for the crypto market as a whole.

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