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Scientists at Sechenov University are developing a drug to save women’s health

An innovative, unparalleled medical product for the treatment of infectious diseases of the female reproductive system is being developed by specialists from the Center for Industrial Technologies and Entrepreneurship of Sechenov University together with Kinetic-Pharm LLC. As Izvestiya was told in the press service of the institution, the scientists plan to start preclinical studies this fall.

The development is based on an innovative platform technology for obtaining a dosage form. The high demand for the product is justified by the prevalence of infections of the female reproductive system in a chronic form, such as bacterial vaginosis, which affects up to 50% of women of reproductive age. The disease causes discomfort, and also increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, the development of chronic gynecological diseases and malignant neoplasms, as well as difficulties in bearing the fetus.

Experts note that the forms of gynecological preparations produced on the market do not have all the characteristics that help not only eliminate the cause of the disease of the organs of the reproductive system, but also reduce discomfort after using medications in everyday life, namely, eliminate the leakage of the dosage form after administration.

To solve these problems, Sechenov University scientists are developing a platform biopolymer matrix technology that will be applied to a wide range of gynecological products, such as antibiotics, antivirals, bacteriophages, hormones, and so on. The project is aimed at creating a new improved dosage form for vaginal administration, which has no analogues on the international market.

The new product is represented by a symbiotic that combines the necessary properties of solid, liquid and gel dosage forms, which gives the stability of the components, dosage and ease of administration, as well as optimal distribution over the mucous membrane and rapid release. The product is a lyophilized porous elongated rod made of biodegradable biopolymer material and capable of absorbing moisture up to 70% of its own volume. The therapeutic composition of the product will help maintain a healthy microflora in the vagina.

At the moment, a prototype product is being developed and tested in laboratory conditions with the participation of students from Sechenov University. The project is being implemented as part of the Priority 2030 federal program of the Science and Universities national project.

On July 8, endocrinologist, leading specialist of the Semeynaya clinic Sofya Tsaturyan announced that avocado is the most important product for maintaining women’s health. So, these fruits contain macro- and microelements: selenium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and D, as well as B vitamins. In addition, the endocrinologist recommended that women consume red meat, fatty fish, raw cereals and dairy products.

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