Saudi Arabia will raise oil prices

Saudi Arabian State Oil Company Saudi Aramco has raised oil prices for buyers in Asia and the United States. About this with reference to informed sources informs Bloomberg agency.

Saudi Aramco has increased the cost of a barrel of oil for Asian consumers for August deliveries by $ 1. Thus, Arab Light will be sold at $ 1.2 more expensive than in the Middle East market.

Buyers in America will have to buy oil at a cost of $ 0.2- $ 0.6 per barrel. The only region for which Saudi Aramco did not raise prices was the Mediterranean. There, the cost per barrel will be reduced.

In March, according to Rambler, after the failure of negotiations with Russia to reduce production in order to maintain prices, Saudi Arabia increased production and oil fell sharply. In April, the countries participating in the OPEC + agreement, including Russia and Saudi Arabia, agreed to reduce production in order to restore balance in the oil market.

. (Source: rambler)

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