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Sasha Stone called his opponent in the upcoming fight Kovalenko a “collective farmer”

On the eve of the upcoming fight with Svyatoslav Kovalenko, Russian video blogger and mixed martial arts fighter Sasha Stone organized an open training session at the Luzhniki large sports arena, where he called his opponent a “collective farmer”. Stone and Kovalenko will meet on August 5 at the REN TV Fight Club ring.

“A very dangerous opponent. I have already said that this is a representative of the collective farm school. When they fight in the village, they put their heads down and wave their fists. It’s basically the same story here. It’s just that it’s difficult to fight with such opponents, you don’t know what to expect from them: they don’t have a technique, a game plan. They just come out and that’s it. But we are well prepared. We leave with full confidence that we will win. Of course, we need to defeat the collective farmer, ”said the fighter.

Stone also stressed that the upcoming fight is a big event for him, and training before the fight takes place almost every day. The past open training was organized for the fans, he said.

“We train almost every day. We decided to hold one of these trainings publicly available – for our audience, for the fans. We see that here and just guys who are just starting. Everything has been done in order to introduce people to sports, ”he told Izvestia.

In addition to Sasha Stone himself, blogger and businesswoman Karina Kross, as well as other top bloggers and the Titan football team, took part in the open training session.

Earlier, on July 27, Stone said in an interview with Izvestia that he would spend the fee for the fight on organizing the wedding. The fighter suggested that the fee would probably close only a small part of the wedding. According to him, the proceeds will be spent on wedding shoes for his beloved Vali Karnaval.

The fighters will meet in the ring on August 5 as part of the REN TV Fight Club. In addition, Jeff Monson and Vyacheslav Datsik will enter the ring in the main fight of the evening. Tickets for the event are available via the link.

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