“Sailor” was detained before the hearing in the WEX case


On September 20, before the start of the next hearing in the case of embezzlement of assets of the WEX cryptocurrency exchange in the Meshchansky Court of Moscow, the police detained the former owner of the platform, Dmitry “Moryachk” Khavchenko. Journalist Irek Murtazin reported this on his Telegram channel.

According to available information, “Sailor” is wanted for possession of weapons. He was brought into court in handcuffs.

“Honestly, I’m shocked. My conscience is clear – I am not associated with any weapons or cartridges that I am accused of. The situation is completely incomprehensible: I had no searches, I was not called anywhere as a witness,” said Khavchenko.

Nevertheless, he will take part in the hearing as a victim.

Previously, ForkLog reported that “Sailor” was excluded from the list of victims in the case of embezzlement of assets of the WEX cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, he is no longer listed as the owner of the trading platform. According to extracts from the Singapore registry, the company was transferred to a certain Igor Pravdin.

Since the authenticity of the documents has not yet been established, Khavchenko still represents the injured party.

Let us remind you that the Meshchansky Court is considering the case of the “red admin” Alexey Bilyuchenko (Ivanov), who is accused of embezzlement of WEX assets.

According to investigators, in October 2018, the accused blocked access to accounts and wallets controlled by the company behind the platform, World Exchange Services Pte. Ltd. He also closed the access of exchange owners and users to funds and crypto-assets with a total value of 3.1 billion rubles.

During the preliminary investigation, Bilyuchenko fully complied with the terms of the pre-trial cooperation agreement and compensated for the damage caused by providing information about his bank accounts.

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