“Sailor” tried to deprive the status of the victim in the case of WEX


The owner of the WEX cryptocurrency exchange Dmitry “Seaman” Khavchenko was tried to be excluded from the number of victims in the case of embezzlement of platform assets. This was announced by journalist Irek Murtazin in his Telegram channel.

On September 6, a regular meeting was held in the Meshchansky Court of Moscow in relation to the BTC-e (WEX) system administrator Alexei Bilyuchenko (Ivanov). The case was transferred to the capital from Novosibirsk.

Before the start of the process, Khavchenko, who had previously been listed as a victim, found out that instead of him this status was received by a certain “dummy person with an Armenian passport”, who had not previously participated in the proceedings.

Judging by the attached video, it is he who is now called the owner of the exchange.

Indefibank CEO Sergey Mendeleev, in a comment to ForkLog, said that the issue was later resolved and Khavchenko “remains the only victim.”

“But the situation itself suggests that no matter how certain forces try to put an end to the WEX case with today’s verdict, the situation is still very far from being clear,” he added.

Moryachok received ownership of WEX from Dmitry Vasiliev, ex-CEO of the exchange, in July 2018. Later, Khavchenko registered the official operator of the exchange, the Singaporean company World Exchange Services, for his daughter Daria.

Recall that the “red admin” Alexei Bilyuchenko was detained in March 2022 in the Moscow region. Law enforcement officers confiscated about 190 million rubles from him and placed him in the Matrosskaya Tishina prison.

Bilyuchenko is charged with embezzlement of WEX assets.

According to investigators, in October 2018, the defendant blocked access to accounts and wallets controlled by the company behind the platform, World Exchange Services Pte. Ltd. He also closed the access of the owners of the exchange and users to cash and crypto-assets worth a total of 3.1 billion rubles.

During the preliminary investigation, Bilyuchenko fully complied with the terms of the pre-trial cooperation agreement and compensated for the damage caused by providing data on his bank accounts.

In June 2023, “red admin” and BTC-e developer Alexander Werner was accused by US authorities of conspiring to launder approximately 647,000 BTC from the 2011 Mt.Gox hack.

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