Safe has expanded the functions of smart accounts with ERC-4337 support

Bitcoin wallet: what are there and which one to choose in 2022?
Bitcoin wallet: what are there and which one to choose in 2022?

Digital asset management platform safe integrated ERC-4337 into the Safe{Core} version 1.4.1 developer account abstraction stack.

The Ethereum team deployed ERC-4337 on the mainnet in March 2023. The standard implements one of the ways to implement account abstraction for a crypto wallet by converting it into a smart contract.

“ERC-4337 abstracts away the hard-coded logic of external accounts (EOA) and the complexities that have so far made it difficult to use such wallets, including pain points such as: seed phrases, gas fees and account recovery,” the developers explained. safe.

They recalled that they implemented smart accounts in March by launching Safe{Core}. According to them, the number of such user accounts reached 3.6 million in 12 different networks.

However, before the integration of the standard, developers using the tool stack had only one version of the account abstraction technology – from Gelato.

“ERC-4337 offers a simpler user interface, including features such as no-fill login, social recoverybatch transactions, hybrid storage settings, and more,” said the Safe team.

Recall that Visa specialists showed interest in using the account abstraction technology to simplify payments.

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