Safe and Monerium agree to develop on-chain payments in euros

Bitcoin wallet: what are there and which one to choose in 2022?
Bitcoin wallet: what are there and which one to choose in 2022?

Digital asset management platform safe and licensed digital money provider Monerium have partnered to promote off-chain and on-chain payments in euros. The Block writes about it.

Regulated and compatible with Ethereum, Polygon and Gnosis, Monerium’s EURe stablecoin is integrated into Safe’s Web3 accounts. This will allow developers to link Web3 wallets to euro bank accounts using the Safe{Core} toolkit.

The partners expect that this will create conditions for the inclusion of digital assets worth $60 billion in the European banking system.

According to Safe co-founder Lucas Shor, this will make it easier for TradFi to access DeFi protocols and use IBAN accounts.

“Small teams will be able to build decentralized financial services that outperform users like Revolut,” explained Gisli Kristjansson of Monerium.

Recall that in June 2023, Safe integrated ERC-4337 into the account abstraction stack for Safe{Core} developers version 1.4.1.

The Ethereum team deployed ERC-4337 on the mainnet in March 2023. The standard implements one of the ways to implement account abstraction for a crypto wallet by converting it into a smart contract.

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