Ryazan communist deputy predicted the future for schoolchildren “in the trash”

NEVA NEWS |  Zoya Chernichnaya
NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya

A member of the Ryazan Regional Duma from the Communist Party, Roman Verein, admitted that the students of the local school would “roll around in the garbage, shoot booze and bulls in the streets.” Thus, the deputy, who did not stint on strong comparisons, spoke to high school students at a career guidance lesson in the city of Kasimov, RZN.info reports.

The communist Verein was invited to the Kasimov school for a talk on employment in agriculture. At the end of the event, the deputy decided to make a very controversial and harsh speech to the younger generation.

“Have you ever sat without eating for three days? Someone was sitting without a penny of money for a week, is that normal? Boring? Boring. Well done! Why have we brought you here? Why did we invite you here? Delve into. When, after a while, one of you will find yourself under the economic plinth, at the bottom of social life, will wallow in the garbage, shoot booze, bulls on the streets … Do I express myself clearly? Do not say that we did not collect you, did not warn you, and did not orient you. Is that clear?..” the Ryazan deputy expressed himself.

It is noteworthy that Verein independently decided to publish a record of the career guidance lesson he attended on his social network account. The video was accompanied by the words “Neither add nor add!” and pinned on his wall in VKontakte. Despite such a confident tone of the communist, local residents and commentators were shocked by such “coaching”.


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