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Russia’s foreign trade surplus decreased by 8.4%


Russia’s trade surplus in January-April 2020 decreased by $ 3.8 billion compared to the same period last year (-8.4%), to $ 41.2 billion, the press service of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) reported. …

“Russian exports in January-April 2021 amounted to $ 129.5 billion and increased by 11.3% compared to January-April 2020. The share of non-CIS countries accounted for 85.9%, the CIS countries – 14.1%, – says the FCS website. – Russian imports in January-April 2021 amounted to $ 88.3 billion and increased compared to January-April 2020 by 23.7%. Far-abroad countries accounted for 89.8%, CIS countries – 10.2% ”.

Earlier, the Ministry of Finance said that it supports non-dollar settlements in foreign trade operations. At the same time, no corresponding prohibitions are assumed, only economic incentives. According to Dmitry Timofeev, head of the Department for Control over External Restrictions of the Ministry of Finance, Russia should become a “Europeanized country.”

How the abandonment of the American currency can affect business – in the material of Kommersant FM, “A replacement is offered to the dollar.”

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