Russia’s budget surplus fell to 482 billion rubles.

The budget of Russia in January-July was executed with a surplus of 481.9 billion rubles, follows from the data of the Ministry of Finance. Budget revenues for seven months exceeded 15.7 trillion rubles, amounting to 63.1% of the total revenue approved in the law on the budget for 2022. Expenses for the specified period amounted to 15.29 trillion rubles. or 64.6% of the total federal budget. According to the ministry, non-oil and gas companies predominate in the structure of revenues – 8.6 trillion rubles. Revenues from oil and gas amounted to 7.1 trillion rubles. Most of the income was received from the Federal Tax Service – more than 11 trillion rubles. (or 65.7% of the federal budget for 2022). The Federal Customs Service sent 3.8 trillion rubles. (62.2%), other federal agencies – 879.4 billion rubles. (43.7%). According to the results of January-June, the budget surplus amounted to 1.37 trillion rubles. In the second quarter of 2022, against the backdrop of a military operation and Western sanctions, revenues were almost equal to expenditures. Oil and gas revenues over this period grew by 58% yoy. It happened against the backdrop of high prices for … .

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